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High Extraction EfficiencyLLL
  • Maximum percolation rates due to minimum layer depth and material compression
  • Renewed percolation rates midway through extraction due to material layer reforming
  • Fastest extraction due to acceptance of thinner upstream flaking
  • Upward sloped layer insures countercurrent miscella flow
  • 10-16 extraction stages maximizes the countercurrent effect
  • Improved miscella sprayers for uniform miscella distribution
  • Online adjustment of miscella staging for varying materialpercolation rates
  • More tolerant of poor material percolation rates from fines or surface moisture
Low Downstream Energy Demand
  • Shallow layer minimizes dripping depth and provides 26-30%
  • solvent retention
  • Uniform material discharge insures uniform DT steam consumption
Low Maintenance
  • Chain paddles never slide on screen floor
  • Material does not pass through elbow while chain rollers are turning
  • Dual sided drive minimizes fatigue in housing and drive shaft
  • No discharge hopper and screw to maintain
Other Advantages
  • Bolted linear design allows for ease of transport
  • Bolted linear design allows for minimum hot-work installation time