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Twinbleach double bleaching as a 3-MCPD/GE mitigation solution

As 3-MCPD esters are already formed at quite a low temperature (140°C), it is not possible to control or minimise their formation during deodorisation. Bleaching is therefore the most critical refining stage for the mitigation of 3-MCPD esters. Selection of the proper grade of bleaching earth (natural or non-HCl activated) is very important. 

Physical refining of freshly washed CPO with use of natural bleaching earth can give low 3-MCPD ester levels depending on the CPO quality and the efficiency of the washing process.

The second step in mitigating 3-MCPD/GE is the use of Twinbleach double bleaching to allow the use of various adsorbants (bleaching earths, silicas, silicates, etc.) in a double bleaching process to improve the adsorption of impurities still present such as residual soap and residual gums.

Twinbleach Benefits

  • More efficient adsorption
  • Allowing double filtration
  • Optimal control of critical parameters
  • Steam agitated bleachers for optimum absorption and low maintenance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Proven design, experience of 900+ Bleachers

Twinbleach Effects

  • Lower 3-MCPD/GE precursors
  • High uniform bleached oil quality
  • Very low elements