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heat recovery system

Rapeseed Preparation plants use substantial steam in the Conditioning process to heat the seed prior to Flaking. With our solid/liquid plate heat exchanger E-comyser, the seed can be preheated in the Conditioning process with hot water rather than steam. Heating seed with hot water opens the opportunity to recover several low grade heat sources available within the seed preparation.

Main advantages


  • Saves up to 40 kg of steam per ton of seed
  • Maintains the full heat recovery circuit within the seed preparation process
  • Reduces odours from the humid vapour stream leaving the Rotary Steam Tube Cooker
  • Reduces 80% dust emission into the atmosphere

Mechanical design

  • Reduces tubes fouling by recirculating condensed vapours and accurate vapour velocity setting
  • Protects against water circuit corrosion by maintaining the circuit free of air

Our patented E-Comyser™ system captures heat from humid air using circulated water. For industrial facilities looking to reduce their environmental impact, this innovative vertical shell and tube heat exchanger help to recuperate valuable energy