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The Innovative design of the Mini Screw Presses is a result of RoseDowns Industry Experience and Knowledge, which has been gained over many years as one of the World Leaders in the field of Oils and Fats.

The Mini Presses are capable of Cold Pressing most feed materials without pre-treatment (large or fibrous materials will require breaking before entering the mini presses). Their size and tight tolerances allow it to rupture the structure of oil-bearing materials very efficiently and therefore achieve Maximum Oil Yield for Minimum Investment. Coupled with its capacity, the efficiency and performance achieved by the Mini Presses is sufficient to form the basis of commercially viable plants which are centred around specialist applications - where maximum extraction of high value products are required. Although the Mini Presses are conceived for working with materials having minimal preparation, it’s also perfectly suited to processing fully prepared seeds in the manner found in larger commercial plants; a capability achieved only by the rigorous high standards to which the Mini Presses are Designed and Manufactured.

The MiniMax – Typical Duty 250-300kg/hr
The largest of the Mini Press range. Ideally suited for Pre-Pressing and Full Pressing.

The Mini100 – Typical Duty 100kg/hr
Ideally suited for Full Pressing.

The Mini40 – Typical Duty 40kg/hr
RoseDowns smallest Screw Press. Ideally suited for R&D and Laboratory Conditions.