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st500sv dtreSTOLZ vacuum coating: optimized, accuracy, control and management.

Specialized in animal feed processes, STOLZ is ables to develop efficient top quality equipment at each stage of the process in the production of animal feed.

Thanks to its newly-designed vacuum coater, STOLZ offers a new and even more optimized coating principle with the state-of-the-art technology.

Mainly dedicated to Petfood, Fishfeed and Cattle feed applications for better nutritional value of the extruded or pelleted materials via the substantial addition of liquid by core penetration, this solution provides a high incorporation percentage, optimized use of additives, addition of liquids and powders, multilayer coating technology, non sticky surface of pellets, excellent homogeneity as well as controlled breaking risks.

Based on the vacuum process of the coater (birotor) and hopper, the operating principle will proceed with four different steps and be perfectly controlled:

  • Once the extruded or pelleted materials are inside the coater, vacuum is achieved by pressure drop.
  • The liquid incorporation (mainly fat) is then completed.
  • Then the atmospheric pressurization is done stage by stage.
  • Then a (liquid) finish coating with atmospheric pressure and powder coating (ex : tastiness powder) are possible at the end of cycle.

Accuracy, control and perfect management are the main assets of this quality process.

Brochure Vacuum coater (PDF)