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When oil is gently cooled, crystals will form spontaneously in the melt. After sufficient maturation time, these crystals can be filtered from the remaining liquid fraction, and this process thus results in 2 products: a solid fraction enriched in high melting crystals, and a clear liquid fraction depleted from high melting crystals. Typically this process is applied on oils that have an appreciable content of high melting components. The prime example is palm oil: this semisolid fat is not only the most produced oil in the world, it is also the most fractionated oil in the world since it serves as natural source for interesting solid fats as well as excellent liquid fractions. FlexiFrac technology successfully combines the two aspects of the process, a controlled, selective crystallization and high-pressure filtration of the crystal suspension, into a smooth and flexible plant operation for a wide spectrum of fats and oils. FlexiFrac features optimized cooling geometries in combination with fully automated process temperature controls (see insert). This way, the hold-up times can be minimized, and consistent high-quality output can be guaranteed, for all kinds of feedstock

TX Cristallyzer

Being such a costeffective design, it is typically used for large palm oil fractionation plants, where the long cooling cycle times guarantee steady crystal growth and a smooth filtration.

Mobulizer TM

Our state of the art crystallizer, with an innovative cooling-integrated agitation system, offers a true synergy of economics and performance. Its succes lies in the combination of low shear mixing with superior heat exchange properties. Therefore it can perform on those sensitive feedstocks where other designs would simply fail. It is also the only crystallizer design that can be used for FlexiFrac and iConFrac.

Tubular Crystallizers

Profiting from its high cooling surface to oil ratio, this crystallizer is often selected for plants that require forceful cooling and robust mixing of viscous oil slurries (e.g. fatty acid fractionation). The oil can be cooled rapidly and homogeneously, which makes this crystallizer also very suitable for a wide range of applications. The trademark short cycle times of these designs allow to combine great flexibility with high capacity.



  •  Robust technology applicable to many different fats
  •  High ratio of cooling surface/oil volume
  •  Fast and reproducible cooling and crystallization