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Final stage in refining process

Deodorising is the final stage in oil refining. Deodorising removes odoriferous material, free fatty acids and other undesired minor components to produce a bland oil with a good shelf life.

State-of-the-art deodorising

Over the latest years, the aim of a state-of-the-art deodorising became:



  • odour, flavour removal

  • free fatty acid removal

  • colour reduction (heat bleaching)

  • peroxides destruction


  • losses in essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA)

  • creation of transisomerisation (TFA)

  • polymerisation

  • breakdown vitam. A+D+E

Organoleptic & Nutritional Value Shelf life

Final customers require a perfect oil with high organoleptic and nutritional values, even one year after production.

Deodorising stages

The different stages in deodorising are :

  • Deaeration

  • Heating

  • Deodorising / steam stripping

  • Heat recovery / cooling

  • Final cooling

  • Polishing filtration

Top quality products require optimal conditions at all stages.

Available deodorising technologies

We supply a Continuous Deodoriser, the Qualistock™ Deodoriser and a Feedstock change Deodoriser, the Multistock™ Deodoriser.

For both systems, we can propose the Sublimax Ice Condensing System.