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cakebreaker1The Cake Breaker is an option available for the Sterling Series and can be installed into the cake discharge area of any of the presses in the Sterling Series range. It is designed to reduce the size of the cake produced by the press to a more manageable size, which is sometimes required for downstream process requirements. When leaving the press the cake is hot and therefore more easily broken into smaller pieces. This in turn means the power demand and the wear on the breaker are significantly lower than if an independent system is used later in the process. The RoseDowns integral Cake Breaker is therefore ideal for situations when smaller pieces of cake are necessary and provides a real benefit for the investment. The Cake Breaker itself consists of a stationary grid and a set of rotating anvils, which are driven by a Geared Motor Unit mounted on the side of the press by a torque arm arrangement. The Grid is removable for cleaning and maintenance without the need to disassemble the entire breaker unit. The rotary shaft is supported by heavy duty bearings, which are also mounted on the outside of the press. For further information contact the Desmet RoseDowns Sales Department.

Typical Arrangement