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RoseDowns use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to produce market leading spare parts, but that’s only the beginning.....
We believe that quality Spare Parts from a genuine supplier should not only offer real benefits, but have the technical support to ensure they exceed all expectations. Utilising its strategic stock locations, RoseDowns prides itself on providing a Spare Parts Service which really makes a difference:

  • having availability of the parts you need, when you need them
  • having the right materials for the right application
  • having the most advanced designs to maximise wear life and efficiency

A Parts Service offering the highest quality manufacture and technical support is only possible because RoseDowns are able to boast the in-house design and manufacture of all its main wearing parts. That means all main wearing parts are designed and manufactured by RoseDowns under one roof in Kingston upon Hull, UK; a unique ability which brings real advantages, not only to RoseDowns own equipment, but to other makes of screw press too.

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Advanced Materials

Through experience and a strong tradition of R&D, RoseDowns are continually developing the materials used to manufacture its spare parts. This leads to longer wear life and more cost effective parts, with a material to suit most applications :

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  • Gold Star - Unbeatable wear life for high capacity applications
  • Hard Faced - Wear resistance and toughness for high pressure applications
  • Case Hardened - Low cost to suit all budgets
Quality Manufacturing

Quality Spare Parts are only possible by means of quality manufacturing methods. RoseDowns continually invests in equipment and systems to remain at the forefront of technology and transfer the benefit of speed, consistency and accuracy to all of its spare parts.

Spare Parts Availability

Spare Parts are available from stock in the following locations:

  • United Kingdom - Desmet RoseDowns, Kingston Upon Hull.
  • North America - Desmet Rosedowns Service centre, Kansas City.
  • Germany - Desmet RoseDowns, Eversen.

Technical Advice

Spare parts need to perform, especially when a variety of materials can be processed and maximum performance for the lowest overall cost is key. That is why RoseDowns back up their spare parts with expert technical advice, service visits and trouble-shooting assistance for total peace of mind.