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With the ever improving value-for-money of enzymes, the enzymatic pathway to interesterification has been developed by Desmet into a full industrially scaled technology, offering various advantages for those producers that look for sustainable technologies that can boast minimal environmental load with maximal profitability of the process. The enzymatic version of this technique is renowned for its better preservation of colour and natural nutrients in the oil such as vitamin E, and overall much milder processing conditions. It is a fully continuous process, so ideal for interesterification of large volumes of commodity fats. The Desmet Interzym process is designed for the use of Lipozyme® TL IM and Lipozyme® TL RM enzymes from Novozymes. More information about Lipozyme® TL IM and Lipozyme® TL RM can be found on

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  • Healthy oil modification without destruction of natural minor components like vitamin E
  • More natural process
  • No color fixation or reversion
  • Low catalyst use (0,2-0,4 kg/ton)
  • Safer catalyst handling than in case of chemical interesterification
  • Much lower oil loss
  • No posttreatment of the interesterified oil