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plug flow plate tubeWith pendulum discharge and heat recovery

Soybeans are thermally conditioned in a vertical plug flow tube conditioner that slowly and thoroughly heats the soybeans to their core. The heating process simultaneously causes internal moisture to migrate outward, allowing the warm aspiration air to carry away the water vapour. The escape of water vapour through the hull also helps breaks the natural bond that holds the hull to the meat, facilitating the subsequent hull separation process.

A process designed for performance

  • Hot water heat recovery in top heating banks to save up to 30 kg/ton of steam
  • Hot water heating banks use plate heat exchanger technology to maximize surface area, insure turbulent water velocity, and optimize total heat exchange.
  • Steam energy savings compared to traditional plants: by no need to heat the soybeans twice in a grain dryer and in a cracks conditioner
  • Removal of up to 3% moisture in soybeans on line
  • Milling defect reduction: by conditioning soybeans to their core, making them pliable to optimise downstream flaking
  • Reduction of downstream flaking mill power consumption by approximately 10%
  • Reduction of conditioning steam consumption by specifically controlling the heated air addition to prevent condensation
  • Different points of contact between the soybean and the low pressure steam tubes via staggered tube arrangements to prevent heat damage
  • Automatic level control
  • Automatic temperature control