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Equipment is designed for the cooking and/or conditioning of oilseeds during the preparation process previous to the mechanical pressing or flaking. Vertical multi-stage cookers with floors or horizontal rotary conditioners of simple stage and big size are used.
Besides sterilizing and decontaminate the seeds, this process objective is to provide them with plasticity, reduce the oil’s viscosity and clot the proteins.

Rotatory Conditioner


  • Solid rotary supporting wheels, thermally treated, mounted over bearings.
  • Reinforced casing in the threaded band area.
  • Main operation pinion - ring gear, mechanized.
  • Steam chambers built in materials of certified quality, in accordance with international standards (EC).
  • Exchange seamless tubes of certified quality.
  • Automated feeding screw.
  • Mechanical seal system in order to avoid material losses in the feeding screw.
  • Rotary joint for steam injection and condensate collection.
  • Material unloading hopper built completely in stainless steel.
  • Safety axial wheels.
  • Equipment certified by the EC for elements exposed to high pressure.
  • Automation system with rotary frequency converter in order to improve loading capacity and permanence time.

Stack Cooker


  • Conditioning of the oilseeds by means of indirect heating during the preparation process, previous to the pressing or flaking.
  • Equipment certified by the EC for elements exposed to high pressure.
  • Lateral heating chambers.
  • Material passage system in each floor of mechanical command and external regulation.
  • Steam aspiration system built in stainless steel.
  • Independent manhole per floor.
  • Main drive gear box of well known international trademark.
  • Independent steam injection and individual condensate collection per floor.
  • Axial bearing box for vertical shaft supporting.
  • Specially designed scrapers in each floor.