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This equipment is designed to turn the broken oilseeds into thins flakes (from 0, 3 to 0,4mm) for the subsequent oil extraction through mechanical pressing or solvent extraction.



  • Split tiltable bearing boxes which facilitate the dismantling of the rolls.
  • System in order to bring together or move apart the rolls from each other through hydraulic cylinders of double effect.
  • High quality rolls of unspecified hardness.
  • Non-flaked recollection or conventional lateral closure systems.
  • Roll scrapers of easy Access for its maintenance.
  • Structure, casing and cover belts lined with acoustic insulation material.
  • Roll adjustment hydraulic circuit with a safety valve system that loosens the rolls in the presence of foreign materials.
  • Roll dismounting hydraulic system.
  • Main drive by belts of 1 or 2 motors.
  • Equipment for rolls and boards grinding completely automated.


  • Rotary type, with permanent magnetic trap.
  • Anti-magnetic threaded roll.
  • Mixing shaft for product homogenization.
  • Automatic feeding system with variable speed roll.