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The Sublimax™ Vacuum System is a new generation vertical Ice Condensing technology, optimised specifically for the deodorising process, achieving very low absolute pressures and drastically reducing the running cost of the plant in terms of energy consumption and polluted water flow. Special vacuum production units have been developed to reach lower pressures and operating costs, and at the same time, to reduce emissions by a more efficient condensation of the volatiles. The dry ice condensing system is becoming more and more the standard in new refining plants. In this system, the sparge steam is iced on surface condensers working alternately at extreme low temperatures (around –30°C).

The remaining non-condensables are removed either by mechanical pumps or roots blowers in series with a liquid ring pump or by a vacuum steam ejector system (booster). The dry ice condensation system reduces the motive steam consumption but requires extra electrical energy.

DC systems essentially consist of two or more freeze condensers containing the cooled tubes, a refrigeration plant for the generation of cold refrigerant which is evaporated in the tubes and a vessel with relatively warm water for defrosting and cleaning of the tubes after a period of freezing.

Advantages of the Sublimax™ Vacuum System:
  • Economical: lower electricity consumption, less peaks
  • Safety: falling film,lower refrigerant mass
  • Reliable: no blockage of ice, gradual cooling
  • Selfcleaning: efficient removal of fatty matters
  • Space: minimal floor space requirement
  • Top Oil Quality: negligible pressure drop
  • Universal: also suitable for existing deodorisers

The Sublimax™ Vacuum System has been developed for highly demanding processors seeking reliable, consistent and efficient product quality, based on the experience of over 900 deodorising plants and has been acquired by Cargill, Unilever, Karlshamns, Central Soya, etc...