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The 2G Sublimax™ Vacuum System is our latest generation vertical Ice Condensing technology, optimised specifically for the deodorising process, achieving very low absolute pressures and drastically reducing the running cost of the plant in terms of energy consumption and polluted water flow.

This special vacuum production units have been developed to reach lower pressures and operating costs, and at the same time, to reduce emissions by a more efficient condensation of the volatiles.

The dry ice condensing system is becoming the industry standard in new refining plants. In this system, the sparge steam is iced on surface condensers called sublimators, with ammonia flowing down inside the pipes (falling film) working alternately at extreme low temperatures (around –30°C).

As an alternative Desmet also offers the 2G Sublimax™ SAFE Ice Condensing System using CO2 as a refrigerant for plants in seismic regions or crowded area’s like city centre’s.

Advantages of the 2G Sublimax™ Vacuum System:

  • Economical: lower steam and electricity consumption
  • Safe: falling film, lower refrigerant mass, refrigerant drainage by gravity. All refrigerant tubing out of process space, so no risk of refrigerant leaks to shell / process side
  • Reliable: no blockage of ice, gradual cooling, robust stress-free design
  • Self-cleaning: efficient removal of fatty matters
  • Top oil quality: mitigation of 3-MCPD esters and glycidyl esters due to lower vacuum pressure
  • Universal: suitable for any existing or new deodorisers

The 2G Sublimax™ Vacuum System has been developed for highly demanding processors seeking reliable, consistent and efficient product quality.

Sustainability KPIs:


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