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Desmet benefits from a great worldwide reputation, thanks to over 70 years of unequalled experience, a strong R&D capacity and the most extensive customer base in the industry.

Our Research & Development

  • Improvement of existing processes
  • New applications
  • Custom R&D
  • Pilot plants
  • Backup service
  • Research & Development Centers in Belgium, Italy, France and United Kingdom

Innovation at Heart

Desmet’s R&D Team is composed of professionals specialized in Oils & Fats, Pressing, Animal Feed & Agro Food as well as Oleochemical, Detergent & Surfactants, Chemical & Soap processes, using the most comprehensive set of technological resources and equipment. We have collaboration agreements with several universities (Europe,

Asia, USA…)

  • High level scientists
  • Years of practical experience in the related industries
  • Fully equipped analytical and research laboratories
  • Flexible pilot units, including skid-mounted units available for testing at customer’s facility

Desmet R&D Centers

Through its full-fledge Research & Developments Centers, and a number of Fundamental Research programs in various Universities and Research Centers in the world, Desmet is continuously improving its technologies and discovering new ways to cope with the market requirements.

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