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The Desmet RoseDowns Mini Mill is capable of pressing most Oil bearing materials, and is designed to be a completely self contained processing unit. However some larger sized feed materials, such as Copra, may require Pre-Breaking before being fed to the Mill. The process has been designed to give good quality products, be simple to operate and occupy a small floor area. The Mill can be supplied in single or double Press Arrangements. A Double Pressing Mill is normally the preferred arrangement as it gives the lower residuals and more consistent performance. Foots removal and Filtration is included to give a Filtered Crude oil as the final Oil product from the Mill.

Typical Performance: 
based on Rape Seed (Canola), Sunflower, Linseed
Input: 10 -12 TPD
Output: ~7.5 TPD Cake at 8% -12% OIC
Exact quantities vary with material: ~4.5 TPD Crude Oil