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Stolz is a designer of solutions for agribusiness specialized into the conception and manufacturing of installations dedicated to handling and processing of raw materials for animal feed and agro food.

With more than 6,000 international references and 65 years of know-how and experience, Stolz is a well known and respected leader in the fields of mechanical handling, animal feed equipment and agro food applications.

Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the process and a target of high quality, the company has developed even more efficient solutions in the fields of grinding, dosing, pelletizing, mixing, thermal treatment, dedusting and cleaning.

With such a significant involvement, Stolz has a perfect knowledge of the equipment and processes the company may be required to work on. It helps Stolz to integrate quickly technical developments, manufacture tailor-made equipment and comply with many regulatory constraints.

Thanks to a constant improving of the production tool, Stolz has successfully adapted its production to a complex target: to deliver industrial tailor-made solutions.

Automated laser cutting station, digital folding machine, welding robots,... all these tools adapted to Stolz fields of expertise and combined with its team’s know-how enable Stolz to be competitive.

Stolz employs 220 persons including more than 50 qualified engineers in its design offices. Stolz has an important network of fully owned offices in France and overseas sales offices in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Malaysia, Singapore, China & Vietnam.