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Exciting News! Desmet is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming FENAGRA 2024 event in São Paulo, Brazil!

When: June 5th-6th, 2024
Where: Expo Dom Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil

FENAGRA, the International Fair of Agroindustry Feed & Food, brings together major players in the supply chain of grease, allowing greater interaction and knowledge sharing. This biennial event covers critical sectors of the Brazilian economy, including:

  • Feed & Food: Explore the latest advancements in animal and human nutrition, including animal feed, pet food, and aqua feed.
  • Animal Recycle: Discover sustainable practices for recycling and reusing materials in the agroindustry.
  • Expo Pet Food: Dive into the world of pet nutrition and learn about innovative pet food products.
  • Expo Aqua Feed: Explore aquatic feed solutions for fish and other aquatic species.
  • Expo Animal Feed: Connect with experts in animal feed production and technology.
  • Expo Oil and Fats: Learn about the oilseeds and fats industry, including vegetable oils and fats.

At our Desmet booth (Booth B56), our dedicated team will showcase our cutting-edge technologies for the oilseeds and fats sector. Whether you’re a customer, partner, or industry enthusiast, we invite you to visit us at FENAGRA 2024. Discover how Desmet’s reliable and innovative solutions can transform your business!

For more information about FENAGRA 2024, visit the official website here. See you in São Paulo!

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