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Join Desmet at Oleofuels 2024 in Milano, Italy! We will be sharing our expertise in Biofuel Technologies and discussing the latest advancements in the biodiesel, renewable diesel, and HVO industries. Don't miss our presentation on "Processing Technologies for Multi Feedstock HVO Pre-treatment" by Elise Schuermans.

Visit our stand to learn more about Desmet's innovative solutions for biofuel operations. Let's connect and shape the future of the biofuel industry together!

The European HVO market has seen substantial growth over the last 5 years, with more and more oil majors, such as Neste, Total, ENI and dedicated fuels producers alike continuing to invest heavily in HVO production units. With the continued focus on reducing GHG and CO2 emissions both in Europe, and across the globe, the demand for more sustainable fuels has never been higher. However with increasing competition from Asia and the US, the need for sustainable feedstocks, increasing regulatory pressures, price fluctuation, the need for more investment in R&D and adaptation to new technologies shows that the industry is still facing some significant challenges.

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