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The solvent-laden meal exiting the extractor contains 26-30% solvent by weight. The purpose of the desolventising process is to remove the solvent from the solvent-laden meal, toast the meal to control antinutritional factors, and reduce the moisture and temperature of the meal to levels appropriate for storage and transport. The majority of the heat supplied for evaporating the solvent from the meal is supplied from the latent heat of condensing live steam, which simultaneously increases the meal moisture to facilitate toasting. The drying and cooling of the meal are accomplished via passing air through a fluidized bed of meal. The solvent and water vapours exiting the desolventising process pass through a scrubber to remove meal particles before passing on to distillation for heat recovery.


High Desolventising Efficiency for Low Solvent Loss
  • 10% open area countercurrent DT trays allow optimized steam contact rising through meal layers supported above
  • Aerodynamic sweep arms insure minimum disturbance of rising stripping steam through meal layers
  • Rotary valves insure uniform steam distribution by creating a seal between trays to eliminate steam the short-circuiting that occurs in DTs with chutes
  • High steam density insures steam adequately strips solvent from all meal particles
Low Desolventising Energy
  • 71°C dome temperature provides 92% solvent content in exhaust vapours
  • Flash steam tray recovers flash water vapour heat
  • High steam density minimizes meal stirring electrical power
  • Slow sweep arm rotational speed minimizes meal stirring electrical power
Low Meal Drying & Cooling Energy
  • Drying air heat recovery from Stripper Precondenser
  • Drying air heat recovery from low pressure steam condensate
Maximum Uptime
  • Thorougly scrubbed DT vapours insure clean downstream First Stage Evaporator, minimizing fouling and the need for cleaning
  • DT main speed reducer with minimum 2.0 service factor for years of lasting service
Other Advantages
  • Vapour Scrubber with hydraulic seal to safely avert high DT pressure during upsets
  • Vapour Scrubber with caustic option to minimize plant corrosion
  • Dryer Cooler designed for minimum salmonella contamination